Full name: Ollie
Aliases: Lolly
Pooke (called as by Cathy)
Bullshit (called as by Dominic)
Fur: Blonde
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Age: 15 (deceased)
Date of death: 2011
Likes: Shiloh (deceased)
Tootie Fruity
Bear Boy (deceased)
Dislikes: Strangers
Family: Woods
Ollie was a cute little dog that everyone loved. He likes to play ball and loves a good pet on the head.


Ollie was a nice little dog. He is part bulldog and shih tzu. Because of this, Dominic gave him the nickname "Bullshit."

Sometimes he'll sleep with his tounge sticking out of his mouth. He's been doing that and everybody can't quite figure out why.

He really likes Tootie and they are really good friends.

He likes to be by people so he'll climb up on a chair and sit by you. He also likes to sit by you and watch television.

He makes a lot of noises when he breathes and walks. Some of these worry Dom and others.


Priscilla and OllieEdit

Ollie is Priscilla's favorite dog. You always see them together. She'll always hug Ollie and tell him what a good dog he is.

Dom and OllieEdit

They have always been friends for a long time. When Dominic was like four, they were hunting easter eggs in a park. I think that's when they first met.

They have always been good friends.

Cathy and OllieEdit

They have been really good friends, too. He'll always sit by cathy on her chair ans watch a movie.


Shiloh and OllieEdit

Main article: Shiloh

They were the best of friends. I think Ollie was Shiloh's favorite pet.

Ollie would lick Shiloh's face and the two would spend alot of time together.

Tootie and OllieEdit

Main article: Tootie Fruity

They are good friends. Tootie likes to sit by Ollie and be by him. He is probably her favorite dog.

Gretch and OllieEdit

Main article: Gretchen

They have a good friendship. They like to play a lot in the backyard.

Girl and OllieEdit

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He did meet Girl a few times and seemed to like her okay.

Mew and OllieEdit

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Dom tried to make them become friends and it worked. they have been friends and are around each other alot.


It's hard to get a good photo of Ollie because he's camera-shy. He will look away or move away. No matter how hard you try, you just can't get him to hold still.


Ollie was put down on October 19, 2011 because of the numerous problems he was having with his old age. Such as problems standing up and moving around.