Full name: Mew
Aliases: Evil Mew kitty! (called as by Dominic)
Missey Mew
Fur: Grey
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Cat
Age: 2
Date of birth: 2010
Likes: Dominic
Ollie (deceased)
Tom and Jerry
Dislikes: Baths
(Sometimes) being petted
Ollie (formerly)
Family: Scott

Mew is a wild cat that loves to play with anything she sees (even if it's you). She can be a a lot of fun. She likes to run after things and learn to hunt. Mew was a gift from Cathy for Julie's birthday.


Mew likes to run around and play with anything she can get her paws on and break it. This is why Dom calls her "Evil mew kitty."

Mew's coat of fur has been changing from grey, white, and now black. Because of this, Julie makes fun of her by saying things like "I thought you were a grey kitty."

Sometimes she will make strange sounds like little half-meows.


Dom and MewEdit

Dom does not like her as she scratches him and is sad that noone pays as much attention to Girlas they do to Mew. Because of this, Dom will try to anger Mew to get back at her. She sleeps in a little bed by the window. Dom also likes to wake her up to get her angery.

After a while, Mew started to stop scratching Dominic. Because of this they have been buliding up a small friendship. Dom also likes to wear a bandalier full of popscycle sticks and chucks them at Mew! She loves the attention so much that she comes running every time he comes in the door. Yes, they have a love/hate relationship. But, it's mostly love.

Julie and MewEdit

Mew likes Julie and they will play with each other. They are good friends. I think Julie is Mew's favorite person.


Girl and MewEdit

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Mew and Girl will sometimes look at each other through the window. If Dom is present, Girl will ignore Mew.

In the June of 2012, Girl was being let into the house because of the heat outside. Mew was kept in a different room with the door shut so Girl couldn't get in. The two started sniffing each other through the cracks of the door. At some point, Mew squeezes through an open window (which they didn't think she could squeezes through) to meet Girl and they became friends.

Ollie and MewEdit

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Dom tried to make them become friends and it worked. they have been friends and were around each other alot.

Tootie and MewEdit

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Mew likes Tootie. She will run up to her and bother her. Tootie does not like mew. She keeps telling Mew to back off and go away but Mew never leaves Tootie alone.


2004 0229(021)


She likes to dig her claws into anything she can get at. Sometimes if she climbs up

She hasn't been scratching too much lately; she's grown out of it.


Mew has been fixed. Dom helped take her home. Mew couldn't move in her cage. Dom felt so bad for her the entire trip home.

He even said things like, "I'm sorry I called you evil."

She is up and running now. Dominic knew that she would but still felt bad for her.