I. Do not use bad language or insult/demean anyone nor their pets on anyone's page or you will be blocked from editing. It is unacceptable!

II. You may add in your own page and do what you wish with it. But if it seems a bit messy, admins will clean it up by adding the page to a category or fix spelling.

III. You can feel free to explore the wiki and come back as much as you want. You're always welcome (as long as you don't abolish the terms of use.)

IV. If you want to be an admin, you can apply here. The only rule is that you must have made 100 or more edits on this wiki to become an admin. Why? So I know you use it. You wouldn't want an admin that only comes to your wiki two times a year, would you?

V. No vandalism, insulting or bad words! You will be blocked!

VI. This wiki is for pets. Please keep it this way. Do not make a page about a person.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules.

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