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  • Ollie has been put down.
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  • When adding a pet please add in our Infobox pet template onto your page. Just type: {{Infobox pet}} into the page and fill it out.

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  • It doen't matter if your pet has passed away, you can still add them and you'll have the page to remember all the good times, and how much he/she brought joy to everyone.
  • It's okay if you screw up! I've screwd up pages, too! You aren't born with practice with wikis! You'll discover all kinds of new features and things that you can add to your pet page! Go on, explore!
  • If you're not too busy, you can read my rules.
  • If you want to, after you add your pets, you can also make Userboxes for your pets. For more info, contact Bunnyjoke.
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  • Cute pet biographys that give you desc riptions, tells their age, etc.
  • Gives news about what's new with your favorite pet.
  • Gives you health and food tips where you can write and tell everyone how to take good care of their pets.
  • Polls like the one on this page.
  • You can add your pet and write everything about them.
  • You can add pictures of your pet. (One of them might even be the "Picture of the day.)"
  • And more! I'm always making this wiki better, so come back here and there and see if there's anything new!

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With the 18 articles and 94 images on Dom's family pet Wiki, there is no shortage of pictures!

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