Bogart 2
Full name: Bogart
Aliases: bogey (called as by Dominic)
Little Shit (called as by Terry)
Fur: Blonde/white
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Dog
Likes: Being petted
Family: Woods
Bogart is a cute little dog that Cathy picked up from Phoenix, Arizona and brought home with her. He is currently the newest member of the Woods' family.


He is a very nice little dog and is always happy.

He will sometimes jump on your leg to get you to pet him.

Terry said he's "street smart" and can figure things out quite well.

He has ran away a few times and once got put in an Animal shelter. Cathy had to pay to get him out. He got out of the fence and ran away a second time, but this time didn't get picked up.

He does not like to sit on Cathy's lap. He will sit next to her, but not on her lap.